Meet Frederique Matti - Artist

May 1, 2024

Meet the artist: Frederique Matti

Meet Frederique @ Keine Galerie


Frederique Matti (b. 1991) is a self-taught Dutch artist based in Amsterdam. Following a success- ful stint as a digital illustrator, Frederique began exploring painting and eventually made it her full-time commitment. Using thick layers of paint to depict the minor yet charming moments that fill people's ordinary lives, her work has a highly tactile quality and is characterized by flat shapes and an abundance of color.

Wie würdest du deine Kunst beschreiben?

My paintings represent visual diary entries, capturing memories, emotions, and observations as they unfold. Using vivid colours, I emphasise these instances, celebrating the idea that life's seemingly small moments are, in fact, the most important.

Wie ist dein Prozess?

I sketch when i feel the need to work through some feelings. I like sketching very small on ugly paper to take away all the boundaries of what it "has to be". When a sketch is ready I'll bring it to the canvas. I'll do a small color study and start on the canvas as soon as possible. While working I usually think of the memory or whatever it is I'm wishing to life that hasn't happened yet. It keeps me focussed and helps me process life though art.

Was verbindest du mit Wien?

I've never visited but it's high on my "to visit list!"

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