Meet Sander Patelski - Artist & Designer

Apr 11, 2024

Meet the artist: Sander Patelski

Meet Sander @ Keine Galerie


I was born in Heerlen in 1973 and followed a diverse educational path, studying monumental painting, cultural and science studies, philosophy, and marketing. In the '90s, I was drummer and singer in a lo-fi band that reached its peak with a performance at the legendary CBGB’s in New York. As a writer, I've self-published collections of poems and short stories. I ventured into publishing, bringing to market a whodunit and a conceptual art book. Meanwhile I worked for 15 years as a web designer at a major publishing house. As a designer, I've created numerous book covers. Now, as an artist, I create representations of modernist architecture as well as fictional facades and geometric copositions, which I sell online as limited edition prints. I live in Amsterdam.

Wie würdest du deine Kunst beschreiben?

In my artistic endeavors, I delve into the concept of hand drafted architectural drawings as a form of art, drawing inspiration from Bauhaus, De Stijl and architects like Michael Graves, Aldo Rossi, and Giorgio Grassi. My focus lies on the interplay of color, texture, and light. Conceptually and aesthetically, I aim to document early to mid-20th century modern architecture in a manner reminiscent of Ernst Haeckel’s approach in his book ‘Kunstformen der Natur’, where the intricate details celebrate the essence of their subjects.

Wie ist dein Prozess?

For existing buildings, I - first of all - gather visual documentation, especially early photographs, to understand the original intentions behind their designs. This is particularly crucial for residential buildings, which often undergo significant modifications or demolition. In Photoshop, I start with a rough brush tool sketch of the facade's elevation, which sets the foundational layer. I then refine this with the pen and shape tools to capture all architectural details precisely. This combination of rough sketches and precise elements creates a dynamic and lively visual. With the shadows I add depth and hint at less visible parts of the structure. I devote considerable time to perfecting the color and contrast to enhance the visual impact of the final work.

Was verbindest du mit Wien?

To be honest, when I think of Vienna, Sachertorte and Sissi immediately come to mind. :) However, Vienna also represents profound cultural icons for me, including Wittgenstein, Klimt, Rilke, and Zweig. Most notably, it is the birthplace of two of my favorite architects: Rudolph Schindler and Richard Neutra.

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