Meet Leonie Bos - Visual artist

Mar 1, 2024

Meet the artist: Leonie Bos

Meet Leonie @ Keine Galerie


I'm from the Netherlands, born in 1974. I studied fine arts and moved to Amsterdam where I gave birth to a girl and 10 years later to a boy. To be more certain of an income I first started working as a graphic designer before fully committing to becoming a digital editorial illustrator. Only to pick up my brushes again after my artschool crush, a painther, re-entered my life and reignited the fine art fire.

Wie würdest du deine Kunst beschreiben?

I'm currently in a transition phase, switching from digital to analogue, and from drawing architectural scenes to almost abstracted human figures. Still within the illustration field as I'm very happy to navigate within boundaries and to be creative when given specific conditions. I think my style is quite difficult to place, as an illustrator I have a background as a painter. As a painter, I have a background as an illustrator. That cross-pollination is very clearly visible. It's painterly, it's got textures and a visibly handdrawn look but the compositions are very considered.

Wie ist dein Prozess?

I start with a sketch, either on paper or in Procreate. Lately I have my family model a lot. I then use their pictures as a reference. For my personal work I take photos on the street and use crops. I love to make the drawing just so that it's not quite clear at first glance. You should get a sense of familiarity, but you still have to make a bit of an effort to see the image unfold.

Was verbindest du mit Wien?

Ice cream after a family fondue in the eighties.

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