Meet Vanessa Lindenau - Illustrator

May 16, 2024

Meet the artist: Vanessa Lindenau

Meet Vanessa @ Keine Galerie


Vanessa Lindenau (b. 1988) is an illustrator based in Vienna. Coming from a fashion and design background, she is now working as a freelance illustrator exploring the aesthetics of the built environment through drawings, engaging with the fields of architecture, urbanism and design. She works on paper, digital and with ceramics.

Wie würdest du deine Kunst beschreiben?

OOO Out of office is an ongoing series of colored pencil drawings in midnight blue dealing with the interplay of public space, nature and the built environment in our cities. Materials, colors and shades become less important within the drawings to highlight the strength of sharp lines in contrast to the softness of nature.

Wie ist dein Prozess?

Every piece of work begins with a walk. I take photos of places, buildings or details that catch my attention. Often these are buildings whose geometry is interesting, but the choice/composition of materials is debatable (for me at least). My drawings often prioritize shapes and proportions over materials and colors, and are a reduced reflection of my surroundings.

Was verbindest du mit Wien?

A pleasant feeling of security and comfort that I regularly have to flee from.

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